Other Services

We will do our best to accommodate all your wishes regarding the hunt and related services, so please be in touch and ask for an offer.


One of our activities is professional pheasant rearing, and we breed several thousand birds yearly. You have an option to buy some of our pheasants for introduction to other areas or for independent dog training. The birds are priced according to their age and length of breeding period.

Other additional services

We can also offer you many extensive services to add to your hunting experience and make it even more enjoyable. If you like, we can provide coffee, food, and other related services during your hunt - at the site of your accommodation, camp-fires, or the hut. There are multiple accommodation options, depending on the size of your group and your standards. There's a wide selection, ranging from wildlife-style lean-to camping all the way to high-class cabins that are fully equipped for holding meetings.