In the Willen Jahdit hunting grounds, nothing can spoil your day of hunting.

Whether you're arriving from near or far, on your own or in a larger group, spending your hunting day the way you like it will be a breeze. Species you can hunt at Willen Jahdit grounds include, within the shooting season limitations, the following: pigeon, pheasant, grouse (with limitations), blue and brown hare, and small predators. You can choose to hunt on your own or together with a guide. On guided hunts, you or your group will have a guide and a trained hunting dog at your disposal. These guided trips are a great way to learn about different forms of hunting.

The pheasant rearing we practise and the fields in our area provide first-rate settings especially for pheasant hunting where pointer gundogs are used. Our pheasant population is rich and we maintain it both by populating the area with farm-bred birds and by feeding the existing natural birds in their habitat. Thanks to the constant contact with game and varying terrain, our area is also very well suited to independent training of bird dogs.

In our grounds, there are frequent camp-fire sites, lean-tos, and a hut - all freely at your disposal during the hunt.

Anyone hunting at Willen Jahdit must have the required hunting and gun permits in order and on their person. We also wish that all dogs used in our grounds are healthy and have been vaccinated and treated for worms properly.