Willen Jahdit Oy

Willen Jahdit is a company specialising in hunting and related services, with pheasant hunting as our speciality. Our activities include professional pheasant rearing, small game and bird hunting, fishing, and other nature and hunting -related services tailored to suit our customers' needs.

With our help, you can easily realise the kind of hunting trip you're looking for - either on your own or accompanied by our guides and trained dogs. Various hunting trips can be arranged for individual huntsmen as well as for bigger hunting parties. Our grounds and their rich pheasant population also provide an excellent opportunity for independent training of bird dogs.

Our company and hunting grounds are located in Rautalammi, Kerkonkoski Village - in the middle of the most picturesque Savo, by Lake Niinivesi with its rich fishing waters.

The area covers more than 700 hectares and is one of the largest privately maintained hunting grounds in Finland. It's a scenic and diverse region, with rolling fields and varying woodlands. The majority of the hunting areas are bordered by waters, and neither habitation nor roads packed with traffic will interfere with your hunting.

Starting this season, our new attraction is the waterfowl wetlands area. Available for group bookings, with max. eight persons.

Our experienced huntsmen


Solid experience in hunting and fishing, spanning several decades. Knows the company's hunting grounds like the back of his hand.

Your day of hunting will be a success with the help of Ville and Tuukka, not to mention the seasoned hunting buddies Jusa and Remu